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Authentic Italian Pizzeria & Charcoal Grill

We love food.  We come from a culture where food is our passion. Our mum and our Grandmother taught us to cook so we had that love from birth.

Sometimes in Italy, you find a hidden spot in a town and you feel that warmth of home. We call them Osterias. We wanted to get that feeling at Pizzica. It's underground, in one of the oldest buildings in Margaret River, and everything is cooked using traditional  Italian methods. Even our beautiful terracotta plates and jugs are hand made in a little place in the South of Italy. 

My name is Ivan and together with my wife Anna, and our little son Giulio, we are Pizzica. When I was 14, I  started working for the Italian King of Pizza - Pizzeria da Franco. From that, I learned how to use the wood fire oven and why quality ingredients were so important to making amazing pizzas. I continued to learn and experiment and am now a Master Instructor at Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli - the biggest pizza school in Italy. 

We love Margaret River and have lived here since 2010. It has been my passion to bring authentic Italian food to this beautiful place. We only cook using fire and the best ingredients across Italy and Australia that we can find.


Our recipe for authentic Italian Pizza and Charcoal Grill
  • The best pizza flour from Italy - 5 Stagioni. It is milled in Italy with minimal processing.  You can even see the soft grains.
  • Beautiful white mozzarella from Sydney.
  • The freshest meat and veggies from local growers.
  • A traditional wood fired oven to give that authentic flavour. We cook like our Grandma did - only with fire. We don't need a stove to cook.
Pizzica Woodfired Pizza Margaret River


The rustic style of this restaurant. The handcrafted terracotta plates, glasses and jugs from local Salento artisans. The typical dishes of the Sagre. These are all in our hopes to recreate the atmosphere we love of our home.

We hope to share that passion with you.

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We offer a variety of authentic Italian pizzas, charcoal grilled meat, salads, sides, breads and desserts. 

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73 Bussell Hwy, Margaret River WA 6285

Opening Hours
  •  Open Mon to Sun, 5- 10:30pm.  Kitchen open 5-9pm.  Bar open 5-10.30pm (fully licensed). 
  • Closed on public holidays
  • Kitchen open 5 to 9pm; Bar open 5 to 10.30 pm

(08) 9758 7361

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